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Fort Brooke Funding LLC is a licensed Mortgage Lender in the State of Florida. The company was created with a business model built on giving good service and a reliable Hard Money product. We are in the business of creating long term business relationships with our clients. To provide this service we make ourselves available to you as a free consultant 7 days a week. There will be times when we will advise you to pass on a deal rather then collect a quick fee and never see you again. Our track record speaks for itself - our clients are extremely successful.

Our key personnel are:

Glen A. Coker

Glen Coker is President/CEO of Fort Brooke Funding LLC and in charge of lending in the State of Florida. Glen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate at Florida State University and has over 30 years of real estate experience in the Tampa Bay market. He is also a Licensed Loan Originator (NMLS 376692) and owner of Fort Brooke Funding LLC (NMLS Lender Licensed # 1472328).

For the past 20 years, Glen has brokered hard money loans to investors in the State of Florida. For ten years Glen has also been an active member of the Suncoast Real Estate Investment Association, where he invested and rehabilitated an average of 10 homes per year.

During his tenure with the appraisal firm of Pardue, Heid, Church, Smith and Waller, Glen was one of the areas top designated senior commercial Real Estate Appraisers. The experience that Glen has in lending, investing and appraising in the Tampa Bay market makes him the ideal Private Money Lender to have on your team. He has hands on knowledge of the good neighborhoods to lend in as he has actual investment experience in this market. Using Glen as a “free consultant” will give you a competitive advantage as an investor.

Address & Driving Directions:
3607 West Santiago Street, Tampa, FL 33629

Voice: (813) 695-3931, Address: 3607 W. Santiago St. Tampa, Fl. 33629